POLARIS WORD 2017 - Perfect document rendering

High compatibility View and edit all common documents,
such as MS Word, PDF, and ODF documents.
Reliable document conversion Convert any MS Office documents to
ODT documents, and all supported document formats to images or PDF
Easy keyboard shortcuts Custom keyboard shorcuts are provided
for the users familiar with MS Office
Track Changes feature Make revisions and view changes to
the document using the Track Changes feature.

Polaris Sheet 2017 - Easy data management

Auto Complete, sorting and filtering Quickly enter data using Auto Complete and easily manage data
using the sorting and filtering features.
Powerful conditional formatting Apply conditional formatting to visualize the data values in your worksheet.
Pivot table field Analyze large amount of data more
conveniently using the pivot table feature.
Various functions and error checking Use more than 330 functions
and powerful error checking to generate more correct data.

Polaris Slide 2017 - Creative presentations

Slide master Create and customize document templates
in a variety of styles and designs.
Page transition effects Use more than 40 different transition effects,
such as subtle, exciting, and dynamic transitions.
Cool animation effects Animate your slides with more than
30 cool animation effects, such as Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit animations.
Rich objects Insert various objects, such as videos,
audios, images, and hyperlinks, to your slides.